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Selling through channels have become a preferred subject for the corporates. Perhaps that's because technology has added so many channels to what was already available that companies must be even smarter about choosing which ways to sell their products and services. Channels have become stronger and more complex with the advent of e- commerce. These online channels appear to have less to do with the human touch and more to do with the use of technology, which can be both good and bad, depending on how companies use the channels to service their customers. And it's customer preference that should determine which channels to use.

Benaka’s software and services enable channel managers to implement, support, measure and optimize services throughout the demand chain. For us at Benaka, Strategic Channel Management is a process by which we create formalized programs for servicing our customers within a specific channel and provide a positive impact. Our clearly defined channel management strategy for various segments helps us become more effective within each segment. Our channel management goals, policies, products and programs are efficiently designed in such a way that they maintain brand consistency across the demand chain which is critical to long term success of our customers. Our consultants truly understand and believe that the key to successful channel management is good balance between customization and brand consistency.

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