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With a massive boom in the infrastructure and technology, the retail industry too has got its shot in the arm. With sprawling retail chains cropping up to lap the opportunities, the sector is just brimming with great potential and opportunities. Big retailers are now looking for ways to become profitable in the midst of demanding situations. The retail sales and distribution network has matured over the years and is all set to gear up to the new challenges. Benaka, has lined up a host of solutions to help retailers find perfect combination of cost effective and highly productive solutions that gives retailers the advantage. With the Indian economy on the road to recovery, the retail industry experiencing major changes in order to stay afloat. As with the entry of international players in the retail industry the competition is getting tougher by the day.

Benaka, truly believes that to stay ahead of the competition the retailers must clearly focus on their sales and distribution network, reduced delivery time and customize product delivery. Benaka offers competitive retail sales and distribution solutions which is a comprehensive set of innovative solutions designed to manage all the processes starting from RFP to Logistics across the supply chain. Benaka’s cutting edge advisory solutions ensure that Sales Order Management is maintained with accuracy, and product distribution information is shared across the enterprise for improved productivity. Benaka’s Sales and Distribution solutions are deisnged to meet the needs of the retail market and provide a clear roadmap to them. Our solutions stress on the need to:

  • Improvise the inter dependence and relationship among various distribution channels
  • Focus on marketing and its core relationship with Sales and Distribution
  • Plan and Implement sales and marketing programs
  • Plan and Design a robust distribution channel structure
  • Train the sales and marketing teams
  • Train the Retail staff to understand the business networks and challenges
  • Build partnership with suppliers and service providers
  • Improve productivity of Sales Efforts
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