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Benaka Business Consultancy has recognised a comprehensive collection of methodologies for each of the services we offer. Each stage of a methodology consists of a clear set of activities, participants, milestones, deliverables and entry or exit criteria. Each methodology is further supplemented with a collection of templates, checklists, guidelines and dashboards that provide a good starting point for anyone willing to learn or deploy these methodologies.

Some of the common aspects of our delivery methodologies are:

  • There is a deep emphasis on data collection and metrics analysis, which    helps us develop perform root-cause analysis and assists us in developing    more effective forecasts.
  • Architecture plays a central role, especially where new   products/technologies are being deployed. This enables us to deliver a   solution that is robust, adaptable and maintainable.
  • The methodology is tool-centric and best-practices driven, this feature   enables us to keep them light-weight and yet be most effective.
  • End users play a key role in the requirements collection, system analysis   and solution conceptualization. This enables both functional and technical   stakeholders to have common understanding and eliminate   miscommunication on the features/functions required from the system.
  • Methodology is adapted or tailored to specific client environments and can   be integrated to their existing development practices.
  • Our methodology leverages on components that improve the quality,   time-to-market and cost-of-product delivery.


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