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Benaka is an innovative market forecast provider. Our consuČltants deliver compre-hensive market assessments and forecasts that are reliable and mainly identify key market size, trends, business drivers, technology and challenges impacting your business, thus improving the overall capability of the business. Through extensive research, we glean valuable perspective from the decision makers who help shape the prevailing market trends.

Competitive Analysis

Growing sales is a never-ending challenge. To remain comp etitive, one needs to explore all possible avenues for growth. Thus competitive analysis is one the many services that forms the core part of Strategic services and something that our consultants have expertise on. Benaka has been providing customers with the most targeted competitive analysis that typically helps its customers stay on top of the industry with customized and personalized analysis. We can help you maintain detailed company profiling, competitor capabilities overviews, channels of distribution, analysis of strategic actions, implications. Our consultants’ broad expertise includes development of customized web portals and tools to track the competition daily.

Customer Analysis

It is a well known truth that greater customer focus leads to increase in business and value to the customer. At Benaka, it is our continuous effort to provide a systematic way to take an in-depth look at customers and identify new opportunities to increase their business, thereby, contributing to the growth of the customers. While many companies think that they know their customers well, we at Benaka believe that there is always more to learn. Our goal is to provide great customer focus and assist our customers in finding new opportunities.

Opportunity Identification

Benaka helps its customers identify potentially compelling, yet often hidden, market entry points which will generate the fastest return on investment. At Benaka opportunity identification is a very critical strategic step which becomes the basis of the future business and profitability of the organization. This is accomplished through our proven expertise and framework which helps our customers realize the true benefits of their organization. The outcome of this process defines what can be migrated as a process and the phases of migration.

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