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Benaka truly understands that the healthcare industry is humongous and serves as an umbrella that covers people from all sectors. Healthcare industry is not just the largest but also the fastest growing. In India, healthcare sector along with pharmaceutical and information technology industry has been reporting marvelous growth. And the demand for top-of-the line healthcare service providers is continuously on the rise. Benaka exercises extreme professional care and due diligence in designing solutions for the healthcare landscape. With the private sector amounting to nearly 81% of the total healthcare spending in India, the scope of providing futuristic services is plenty. And with the population on an ever growing spree, the opportunities are only going to increase by the day. Benaka has been at the forefront of providing customized healthcare solutions.

Our Strategic solutions for the healthcare sector are designed to improve the core services, speed up the clinical research and aid in the overall treatment process. Benaka, solution experts, truly believe in creating credible solutions that assist healthcare professionals in quick decision making. Benaka through its designated research and development has led the speedy transformation of health services, with the overall objective to reduce the operational cost and improve efficiency. With modular, agile and high integration capabilities, Benaka’s software are most suitable and desired by various hospitals and healthcare solutions.

Our software help health institutes with

  • Medicine prescriptions
  • Shared communication between hospital staff and healthcare professionals
  • Reduce error tendencies during clinical trials
  • Patient Information management


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