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Excise duty or Duty of Excise is a tax on goods produced or manufactured in India and intended for home consumption i.e., sale in India. The Excise duty is applicable at the time of production or manufacturing but for convenience is collected at the time of removal. At Benaka we help our clients to assess the following,

  • Applicability of Excise for the Manufacturers, first stage and second stage dealers
  • Maintaining prescribed register for the godown or Store-room and the consignments received or issued from the godown are entered in the register
  • Prescribing software for issuing the invoices in quadruplicate
  • Marking the invoices issued by a first stage dealer and a second stage respectively and duly authenticated by the officer

We also assist our clients in the context of the customs authorities' assistance. Whether it is assistance in clearance of import / export goods with or without duty concession, clearance under EPCG matter, DEPB matters or duty draw back claim assistance, our consultants have the dedication to provide our customers the best of services.

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