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Construction is an integral part of our country’s infrastructure and industrial development. With the current emphasis on creating physical infrastructure and massive investments lined up, the construction industry will play a critical role and must gear up to meet the challenges. Benaka with its exclusive suite of advisory solutions is ready to stand up to the challenge. Benaka understands that there is a clear need to enhance the productivity through appropriate mechanization to achieve the targets. We at Benaka, through our customized solutions plans to encourage the mechanization to build up the capacity of the construction sector to deliver the necessary infrastructure needed for development of the economy.

The industry has its fair share of challenges, with its complex value chain and a network, what adds to the challenges is the continuous instability in the prices of raw materials, labor and equipments that push margin. Benaka, looks at the construction sector not as a challenge but as a sector full of opportunities that are just waiting to be exploited. Our industry specific domain experience allows us to boost business efficiency and cut down cost by considerable margins. Benaka advisory services allows employees to up the productivity ante and share the best practices, thus reducing the risk of falling prey to productivity issues and have access to accurate information aiding in overall development. There are a number of benefits that we offer as part of our solutions portfolio to the Construction sector.

Our solutions offer great benefits. Some of which are:

  • Control costs and improve efficiency
  • Control Project Schedules and ensure timely delivery
  • Rationalize and speed up critical business processes
  • Manage multiple contracts
  • Streamline and modernize order management processes and activities
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