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With a clear mindset of setting standards, Benaka also specializes in benchmarking. For us at Benaka, benchmarking is clearly a method of identifying “best practices” by collating services and processes by which those services need to be delivered. Benchmarking measures and compares precise collective knowledge from successful and most famous companies to plot the route to best practices in all operational processes. We help our clients through consulting, benchmarking and research to make continuing success a little easier to maintain. It has a unique best practices view incorporating marketing strategies, organizational structures, policies, business processes, technology support and information about the effect on the business success. The detail levels and comprehensiveness of assembled best practices and performance values are unparalleled.

Our idea of benchmarking considers both internal as well as external experiences. After all we do believe that there is so much to learn from the outside world. We are adept at conducting systematic comparison of organizational processes and performance to create new standards. We specialize in creating benchmarks of various types namely, internal, competitive, functional as well as generic. Our benchmarking activities include,

  • Defining a clear scope of benchmarking
  • Assisting our customers find the right benchmark partner(s)
  • Determining measurement methods, units, indicators and data collection method
  • Conducting data collection
  • Analysis of the discrepancies
  • Formulate the results and discuss implications / improvement areas and goals
  • Create and implement improvement plans or new procedure
  • Continuously monitor progress and plan ongoing benchmark.
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